Awarded to Spanish group works for the dredging of the port of Mar del Plata


The Regional port consortium of the city of Mar del Plata awarded to the Spanish firm Canlemar tasks of dredging of the next two years in local, for $57 million port, confirmed the owner of the entity, Martín Merlini.

The tasks of dredging, a claim held of the companies in the sector, include the recovery of depth of the access channels and the interior spaces of the Mar del Plata port and more begin no later than February 2017, Telam news agency.

Works will be financed with resources of the Consortium, said Merlini, and explained that the State oil company YPF will provide an advance of $15 million in this regard. Merlini also stressed that “for the first time is achieved by the provision of work for two years”.

The work was initially estimated at $36 million, but the bad weather conditions caused a greater accumulation of sand, so the calculation climbed to $57 million, reported the entity. The Spanish firm dredger will be the ten Omvac, a ship of 73 metres in length for performing suction dredging.

The announcement was made last week in the headquarters of the Consortium, where was also the setting of a mark on the electric Central 9 de Julio, located next to the port, which will allow the operation of large ships 24 hours, Telam added.

The consortium announced in addition the availability of 272 metres of quayside, belonging to the frustrated project from the Cruise Terminal, for the operation of fishing vessels. Merlini also highlighted the installation of fire-fighting, the implementation of port training courses and the final stage of enhancement of the South breakwater with works by winners of the mural, among other works.

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