US donates to Costa Rica two patrol vessels


The United States Government donated the first patrol two 33 feet in length, madeof aluminium, technology, engines (two) Yanmar 315 HP diesel and drivers Bravo X-1, which allows operations in coastal air of just 0.5 m in depth.


The two boats SAFE defend 33-1 and 33-2 would be acquired at a cost of $ 1.8 million, and would be handed over to the coast guard at El Cocal, Puntarenas, national service and in the presence of the President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla Miranda and Minister of public safety, Mario Zamora. The donation also includes training for three weeks for engineers and local operators and a container with spare parts for both ships, to meet needs for one year. National Institute of learning (INA), El Cocal, Puntarenas


Expected two similar vessels for its operations in the Caribbean. We mustremember, that the chain of specialized police of borders, previously set by articles23, 24 of the General Police Act, and article 2 paragraph a) of the law of creation of the national service of Coast Guard, are in Costa Rica. These laws specify that the three police forces in charge of border security are the national coast guard (maritimeborders and interior of the State and jurisdictional waters); the service of aerial surveillance (air borders and airports), and the security forces (land border). It would bethe Office of institutional planning, through offices No. 136-2008 and no. 152-2008OPI, which would recommend a couple of years, the allocation of surveillance and the receipt of the land borders to the regional directorates of the force public who have under their jurisdiction border limits, supplanting what in that was then the direction of borders.


As we know now, Costa Rica is forming a specialized border police again, which is now concerned to Mario Zamora, the Costa Rican Minister of security since last April.Zamora replaces José María Tijerino. (JMH


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